Very Excited!

Hurray! Having your own tab/mobile is much more fun then sharing it with others..

Excitement on height..! I will share a tab with my brother coming in 24-48 hours. . .

Very excited..! More than excited! Do what ever I want..!

It’s all mine(actually sharing) but the feeling is the same, it’s all mine!


Eid Mubarak!

Just fine, This day is going perfect! 🙂 just lovin’ the cool breeze in here..

Loving the site from here, laughing, enjoying, every thing is going in my way.

New clothes, every one Is busy here full enjoying the 1st day of Eid! Karachi “The City Of Lights”. Looking Wonderful! Getogethers, fun and all that! The highly noised traffic. This is going amazing uptill now. Just not hating any thing , loving everything. Everyone’s happy on this day.

“Eid Mubarak!”

Left Alone In The Darkness..

I am full of feelings. This is my first blog ever here..

This topic will be full of my feelings. I lonely sat & thought about my life, it was full of darkness. I have to face many problems in my entire life.

Its full of strange feelings. Sometimes I think that this is my world, this is only mine & sometimes I realize that it’s full of happiness, but its not that it is full of sadness & darkness. I always try to be happy. It’s difficult but its not imposible. I love to be happy sometimes.